Saturday, November 28, 2020

Dungeons and Dragons Update

 I hope you all had a great and safe Thanksgiving or a great few days off if you don't celebrate it!

Last D&D session was so much fun and the party not only found new party members, but they also defeated the fire spider (Jim), drove away the tall and skinny scary man (that the party named Slim Jim), and saved the children! 

They also blew up the house, but hey now they don't have to worry about the scary man coming back there! 

I can't wait to see what the party gets up to next time!

Speaking of next time, I want to start playing more often: i.e. every 2 weeks. I was considering moving D&D to Wednesday nights, but I want to see how the party feels about that. I would love to be able to play more and (perhaps) split the party if we get more people wanting to play. If I have to split the party, I could always do one D&D session on Monday and another on Wednesday, or even on Thursday of the same week. If we get many more people wanting to play, these are some options I'll be looking at.

If you have any suggestions or if certain days/times work better for you, leave a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Teens Teach?

 Are you super passionate or super knowledgeable about something that you think other people would find really cool and want to learn about?

Teens Teach is a new program we're starting in January that will give teens (grades 5 and up) a chance to teach a program about something they're interested in! This is a great way for you to learn how to teach and be more comfortable teaching. There will always be times in life where you need to teach somebody how to do something and what better way to learn how to do that to teach me and teach peers?

The thing you teach can be anything and I can help by providing curbside pickup craft bags or other materials if needed for people who sign up to the program! 

If this is something you're interested in and want to talk about options, send me an email at and we can figure it out!

Ideally we'd have 2 teens for the hour, so each person gets a half hour to teach. If your lesson would take longer than a half hour, that's fine too! (Doing this program can also count as volunteer hours, hint, hint)

Friday, November 20, 2020

D&D Dice

 I hope you guys are enjoying the dice sets you got! If you haven't gotten your set of dice (for Dungeons and Dragons people only, don't just come get dice if you're not going to play), there's still time! You can get them through curbside pickup here at the library!

I was talking about how addictive dice can be and a few of you asked about my dice collection, so I wanted to show you guys my collection! Be warned, it's a lot. I also have a thing for metal dice and tiny dice and tiny metal dice.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Teen Volunteers!

 If you missed the Facebook post a little while ago, we now have opportunities for teens grades 5-12 to volunteer remotely for the Burlington Library! These opportunities can be for working with a group (online through email or Zoom) and also for teens who would rather work on projects by themselves. 

Each month the projects will change, so if you fill out the short Teen Volunteer Form, you'll get an email every month with the current projects and opportunities. I'll keep a log here with who helped with what project and how long they spent working on it so you can have it to use on resumes or for school! 

The current projects I have in mind are designing categories and questions for Jeopardy, guest blog posts, book reviews that can go up on our Instagram (what?! more on this later) and up on here (anonymously or otherwise). I'm also open to other suggestions if there's something in particular you really want to do! 

Here's the link to the form: Teen Volunteer Form

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Weekly Craft/Activity Bundle

 With introducing more programs comes doing other types of programs less and I know that a lot of you love doing crafty-type programs, so I decided to put together bundles of activities and crafts that can be picked up every week! 

Each week's bundle will feature different things such as an origami craft, coloring pages, word searches, and possibly other things to keep an eye out for. You don't need to register to pick any up, just swing by curbside pickup and ask for a teen activity bundle and we'll bring them out for you! 

Once you finish the coloring pages, if you want to sign them and return them in the book drop (preferably in an envelope with my name on it), I'll hang it up in the teen room!

Please only pick up one bundle per teen so we can save paper. Thank you!