Monday, January 11, 2021

February's Schedule Updated!

 Hi everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posts, I was working from home until today, but I'm back! 

The February program schedule is updated, so you can sign up for those programs now! I'm considering doing a Saturday program, but haven't figured out which Saturday and what program to do, so standby for that.

Game Night was SO much fun and had such a great turn out that I might do another Game Night on a Saturday each month or do a Book vs Movie debate. Let me know if you have any ideas! 

Also the Trivia Night theme for February is going to be Hunger Games! I'll always take suggestions for future trivia nights, so let me know if there's any specific topics you'd like to do! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

January Programs

 Happy New Year everyone!

I made some updates to January's schedule (which will also be February's schedule once I get around to putting it in) and I wanted to clarify some things for everyone.

Let's go through all the programs and I'll explain the changes.

January 4 (Monday): Game night makes a return with Among Us! It's free to get it for a smartphone or tablet, but we can only have 10 people play, so sign up early if you want to join! 

January 7 (Thursday): First ever trivia Thursday! 3 rounds of 10 questions each of Harry Potter trivia! Each month will be different themes and each month the winner will have bragging rights and get announced here until the next month!

January 11 (Monday): Yarn Club is renamed to Craft & Chats! All crafty individuals are welcome to come and craft. We'll be working on individual projects, but for all yarn crafters, we'll still be working on the blankets (made of a bunch of squares), so you can keep working on that!

January 14 (Thursday): Writing Club stays the same!

January 20 (WEDNESDAY): ALERT ALERT DAY CHANGE. Monday is MLK day, so Wednesday, instead of Monday, is D&D for Group 1. I've emailed everyone to let them know which group they are in. Please only sign up for the day your group is going on! I've marked the two groups in the title of each D&D event. 

January 21 (Thursday): D&D Group 2!

January 25 (Monday): Current Events is a new program we're going to test out where we discuss things happening in the world right now! This is a safe spot to calmly and respectfully discuss current events.

January 28 (Thursday): Dreamcatchers craft! Hasn't changed.

I still do weekly crafting packets with origami and coloring pages and other stuff like that for you to pick up whenever you want during curbside!

I'm still going to do the Almost Adults program, but I'm going to be releasing it as a podcast! I've started recording the episodes already, but haven't released the information yet. That will come soon! 

Friday, December 18, 2020

D&D Books!

 We have D&D books! 

Right now you can check out 2 Player's Handbooks, a Monster Manual, and a Dungeon Master's Guide!

You guys have been loving D&D so now you guys can check out the books to learn more or maybe get some ideas if you want to DM your own campaign! 

Video for Pressed Leaf Bookmark Craft!

 Hi everyone!
Since we didn't have a program last night due to the weather, I recorded a video on how to do the bookmark craft so you can do it yourself!
Check it out here: 

Thoughts about book memes

 Anyone else just hate those book memes where it's a teen saying they don't know how to turn on a book or saying it's like texting but longer and the adult is there making fun of them for it? It's such a played out cliché and it's painfully boring to me. 

Take this one, for example: 

It's not only boring, it's completely untrue! The group that reads the least is ages 20 - 34, reading only 6.6 minutes per day on average (not including work and school). Teenagers read 1.8 minutes per day MORE than the younger adults. These stats are taken from a BookRiot article which you can find here: Reading Stats . 

Can we all agree to leave these memes and this blatantly incorrect mindset that teens aren't reading in 2020? 

Friday, December 4, 2020

Guess the Book by the First Line!

 Can you guess the first line of a book just by looking at the cover? The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" doesn't apply here. 

Use your detective skills to look at the cover and even try and get clues from the titles and see how many you get right!

Here's a link to the quiz:  First Line Quiz

Want to help make quizzes like this? Sign up to be a volunteer and do fun stuff like this! 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Theme Dive: Winter/Cold Weather

 Here's everything that I found and loved for this month's Theme Dive!


- Let it Snow by John Greene, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson: 3 stories around the holidays

(most of the books that are around this time are romances and I don't really like romances, so this is all I got)


- the Polar Express

- the Nightmare Before Christmas 

- How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original, not any of the remakes)

- Frozen (does this count? it's TECHNICALLY set in summertime)

- Ice Age (SURELY this counts, no?)

YouTube Channels

- How can I NOT add Zoella to this list? She has the best Vlogmas ever.

- The Ballinger Family has a fantastic and fun Vlogmas every year AND they do advent openings.

- JadetheLibra is a spooky YouTuber, but she does some super cool winter/cold weather content and does recipes and a bunch of great (and spooky) content year round.

-SquirmyandGrubs are also doing Vlogmas this year and they are both just incredible people, super recommend them.